Putt Legal is a specialised migration law practice.

based in Perth, we can help you apply for visas anywhere in Australia. Anywhere you want to Live, love or work .

We are highly qualified lawyers, who have specialist immigration qualifications and experience, but we don’t charge any more than most migration agents (and often less!) This is because we are a small specialist law firm without the significant costs of larger law firms. 

In addition to obtaining visas, as lawyers we have expertise in assisting you to appeal adverse decisions by the Department of Immigration, either through merits review tribunals such as the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT), or through judicial review (through the courts).

We also have a proven record of successful submissions to the Minister for Immigration to intervene on behalf of clients’ visa applications.

Because we are lawyers we are regulated by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia, as well as the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)