Immigration Law

We Are Your Experts For Visa & Migration Applications And Appeals

With constant changes in Australian Immigration laws, finding a successful path to migration can be very confusing. In addition to the Migration Act 1958 and its associated Regulations, there are thousands of pages of policy guidelines and instructions, Court judgments and Tribunal decisions, all of which affect the way the law in Australia is interpreted and applied. At Putt Legal, we have the qualifications and expertise to advise.

What Migration Advice Do You Need?


Working Temporarily In Australia

We can help you secure a Temporary Work Visa and support you throughout the application process. We are experts in meeting the needs of Australian and overseas companies seeking to fill skilled worker shortages.


Working Permanently In Australia

Navigate the different Permanent Work Visas available for your migration to Australia. We’ll help you attain your applicable visa, so you can take the first step towards your life in Australia.


Starting A Business In Australia

If you want to own a new or existing business in Australia, Putt Legal can help you achieve your business goals. Find out more about the business visa streams available to you to get started in Australia.


Appealing A Visa Refusal Or Cancellation

Receive quick legal assistance when your visa is refused or cancelled. Our expert lawyers will advise you of your review/appeal rights and assist you in making a decision about what to do next.



Bringing A Partner To Australia

If you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealander, Putt Legal can assist you with the partner visas available in Australia and your eligibility.



Bringing A Family Member To Australia

Explore visa options and how you can migrate your family to Australia. The Putt Legal team are experts in eligibility requirements and helping families live together in Australia.



Getting A Resident Return Visa

If you are returning to Australia from overseas after your re-entry facility has expired, you will need to obtain a Resident Return visa. Putt Legal can advise you if and how you can regain your Permanent Residence status and the requirements involved.


Putt Legal

Learn more about the Putt Legal team that will be supporting you on your migration journey. Our team has extensive experience across all the visa subclasses and are highly qualified to help you live and work anywhere in Australia.


Why Putt Legal?

Putt Legal are your specialists in Immigration Law. We can assist you in making your migration to Australia seamless. The Australian visa process can be complex and confusing, our lawyers work with you to guide you through every step of the way. We are highly qualified and experienced in immigration law matters and are committed to providing expert advice in every individual case.