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Update on SkillSelect Invitation Rounds

Recent reports after the SkillSelect invitation rounds are indicating that candidates need at least a score of 65 points to receive an invitation for general occupations.

The minimum invitation score for Accountants has also increased to 85 and the engineering occupations that fall under the occupation group ‘Other Engineering Professionals’ has increased to 70.

There is a number of ways to increase your points total, with one of the quickest way being to undertake another English Language test. The Department accepts multiple test such as IELTS, PTE Academic and TOEFL iBT. If Academic IELTS was a requirement for your skill assessment, you may want to consider undertaking the general version to see if you are able to score higher within each band.

Another option is to consider applying for the Subclass 489 Skilled Regional visa.  You may be eligible if you have a family member that is living within a designated area of Australia or have a State that is willing to sponsor you, giving you an additional 10 points.  

This is a temporary visa, that will require you to live and work regionally within that State for a period of at least two years. For certain States such as South Australia and Tasmania, the entire State is considered regional. Within Western Australia, postcodes such as Mandurah (6210) and Bullsbrook (6084) are considered as regional areas even though they are only about 1 hour outside of Perth CBD.  After the two-year period, permanent visa pathways are available.

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WA Skilled Occupation List under threat!

If a Labor Government is elected in WA on 11 March 2017, they intend to significantly revise down the number of occupations on the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupational List (WASMOL).

WA nominates workers who have suitable skills and work experience for occupations on the WASMOL.  You can find the current list here:

If successful in their application, the worker is granted a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) which allows them to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.

According to their election campaign, the Labor Party has undertaken to decimate WASMOL. They may even remove it entirely until a review is undertaken to develop a new, much shorter, list. Due to pressure from the blue-collar unions this new and shorter list is likely to include mainly white collar professions. 

Come and see us now if you think you might be eligible for a Skilled Nomination visa (subclass 190), before it’s too late!



Australia wants graduates in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) areas to help contribute to Australia’s prosperity.

To achieve this, in May 2016 it was reported that foreign students at a Doctorate or Masters-by-research level would soon receive an extra five points towards a skilled migration (subclass 189 or 190) visa if they have studied in the STEM or ICT fields.

As of the 10 September 2016, the points test was officially amended and further details have now been provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with the Department listing the fields of education that will be accepted as STEM or ICT for the purpose of extra points.

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) defines the following Fields of Education that have been proposed to be accepted under this new points system as including:

o   Biological Sciences

o   Chemical Sciences

o   Earth Sciences

o   Mathematical Sciences

o   Natural and Physical Sciences

o   Other Natural and Physical Sciences

o   Physics and Astronomy

o   Computer Science

o   Information Systems

o   Information Technology

o   Other Information Technology

o   Aerospace Engineering and Technology

o   Civil Engineering

o   Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology

o   Engineering and Related Technologies

o   Geomatic Engineering

o   Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

o   Maritime Engineering and Technology

o   Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology

o   Other Engineering and Related Technologies

o   Process and Resources Engineering.


Graduates can determine if they are eligible for five additional points towards their points test by:

1.     Searching the CRICOS website for their qualification-;

2.     Checking their qualification is listed as being at a Doctorate or Masters-by-research level;

3.     Seeing if their qualification is listed as being in one of the above Fields of Education.


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