Administrative Appeals Tribunal video guides

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) provides a ‘merits review’, that is an independent review, of decisions made by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, where a decision is a reviewable decision and unfavourable to the applicant.

You can learn more about appeals to the AAT from our blog:

The AAT has created a number of video guides to assist in giving applicants and witnesses an understanding of the way the AAT works. These video guides cover the following topics:

  • About the AAT;
  • Applying for a review;
  • After an application for review is lodged;
  • Attending a conference;
  • Attending a hearing;
  • Decisions.

We recommend you view these videos if you are considering an appeal to the AAT or in preparation for a hearing of an appeal already lodged.

You can find these video guides at:

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